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Sean McDonald, MA, LPC, NCC, CSAT, CMAT, DCC, Clinical Director

Sean McDonald is the owner of Waterstone Counseling Center where he is the director of the Sexual Addiction Recovery program that helps individuals, couples, and families in Northwest Arkansas find hope and healing. Sean understands the challenges in life that people encounter because almost 15 years ago he sought out the help of a skilled counselor. There was a lot of emotional pain that he needed healing from and counseling played an important role in his journey. Sean is passionate about helping men and women experience this same freedom and joy in their lives. His desire to help people find hope and healing is driven by his faith in God and personal experience of going through recovery for sexual addiction. This journey led him to leave the business world and begin working full time in recovery ministry and eventually into professional counseling.

Sean has a Master of Arts in Counseling from Denver Seminary and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas. He has been trained under some of the great leaders in the sexual addiction and sexual therapy fields, such as Patrick Carnes, Mark Laaser, Clifford and Joyce Penner and Doug Rosenau. Sean is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist (CMAT) through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). He is a Certified Sex Therapist through the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists (ABCST). He has been trained in emotion-focused therapy (EFT) to work with individuals and couples. He is also a Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) and obtained a Technology Specialization License through the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling that allows him to provide counseling via the telephone and/or a HIPAA compliant videoconferencing application. Please click on the Internet/Video Counseling Services tab to learn more.  

Sean served for four years as the director of a recovery ministry at a church where he gained valuable experience working with individuals and couples who were encountering a wide range of issues. He has experience counseling college students at a private university and has also worked in private practice in Denver, Colorado.

Sean works with individuals who struggle with sexual addiction and other sexual issues, anger, anxiety and depression. He also works with spouses/partners and families of sex addicts. He enjoys pre-marital counseling and also working with couples who are trying to strengthen their relationship.

Sean has been married to his wife since 2005 and is the proud father of three children. He is an avid Razorback fan that enjoys traveling and being outdoors, especially when it involves mountain biking, skiing and wakeboarding.

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Sean’s phone: (479) 202-6300


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Ryan A. Martin, Ph.D., LPC-S

Ryan Martin is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Arkansas and approved by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling to supervise Licensed Associate Counselors.  In addition to his work at Waterstone, Dr. Martin is an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education at John Brown University and Director of JBU’s CARE Clinic in Ft. Smith where he provides clinical training and supervision for graduate counseling interns.

Dr. Martin received his B.A. in Family Psychology from Oklahoma Baptist University.  He has also completed advanced degrees in Marriage and Family Counseling (M.A.), Christian Education (M.A.) and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Martin has worked in various mental health and educational settings in direct care, administrative, and faculty positions.  He has provided care to individuals, couples and families on a variety of treatment issues including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, addictive disorders, anger management, stress management, sexual and physical abuse, post-traumatic stress, divorce recovery, attention-deficit and disruptive behavior disorders, relationship problems, and general women’s and men’s issues.  Dr. Martin has also received advanced training in Critical Incident Stress Management and facilitated debriefings and follow up care to various individuals and groups including the 1999 shooting at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, the Joplin, Missouri tornado, and suicides at area high schools and businesses.

In addition to his direct care work, Dr. Martin also provides clinical and operational consulting for individuals and organizations and regularly presents seminars on a variety of counseling related topics.

Dr. Martin has been married to his wife Jennifer for over 20 years and has four beautiful daughters, including twins.  He enjoys fly fishing, exercise, gardening, and grilling at home with his family and friends.

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Ryan’s phone: (479) 202-6300


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Megan Matsuyama, MA, LPC

Megan has several years of experience counseling individuals, couples, and families.  From a young age, she found herself counseling peers with compassion and practical wisdom.  During college she realized a calling on her life to make this a vocation. After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Sociology, she received her Masters in Community Counseling at the University of Central Arkansas.

Over her counseling career, she has gained experience working in various educational settings, from elementary schools to universities.  Throughout her career Megan has worked with children, adolescents and adults doing both individual and family therapy. She has treated individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar, eating disorders, and various forms of abuse. She has also worked with personality disorders and behavioral disorders including ADHD, ODD and Conduct disorder. Megan has been trained in the EFT relationship model, which provides a structured approach to couple’s therapy. There is a substantial amount of research outlining the effectiveness of this approach for couples and individuals and she has witnessed how impactful this model can be in helping marriages grow and become stronger. Megan also incorporates some prayer techniques for her faith based clients that desire that to be apart of their healing journey. 

In 2008, Megan and her husband Garrett became pastors at New Life Church (NLC), a multi-location church throughout Arkansas. Megan has been working closely with college students, providing emotional and spiritual support. She and her husband have worked with couples, focusing on premarital counseling & training.  They have recently moved to Northwest Arkansas to help start NLC Fayetteville. Megan believes that each person has a God-given purpose and she is looking forward to helping people live healthy lives, reaching their fullest potential.  

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Megan’s phone: (479) 202-6300


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Rebekah Price, MSW, LCSW

As a licensed clinical social worker, Rebekah has been active with children, couples and families professionally, philanthropically, and in ministry for almost two decades. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Central Arkansas and her Masters in Social Work at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She has worked in a school setting with families who struggled with various issues, including poverty, incarceration, domestic violence, and substance abuse, among other things. She has experience working through a variety of mental health issues, eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders, trauma and PTSD, as well as with challenges of adoptive and foster families:  attachment; adjustments; healing from grief, loss, and trauma; and the struggles for connection that all these challenges can have on families and marriages. She practices a trauma-informed, attachment and trust-based approach with all client interactions. She has trained in Trust-Based Relational Intervention at the TCU Institute of Child Development in Ft. Worth and is Certified in Child and Adolescent Trauma.  Rebekah has also been trained in the EFT relationship model, which provides a structured approach to couple’s therapy. There is a substantial amount of research outlining the effectiveness of this approach for couples and individuals and she has witnessed how impactful this model can be in helping marriages grow and become stronger.

Originally from Central Arkansas, Rebekah has been in Northwest Arkansas for the last 16 years. She lives in Fayetteville with her husband and their two sons. Together they enjoy spending time on Beaver Lake or at their small family farm in Kansas. Rebekah lives for gorgeous sunsets, a good book, a strong cup of coffee, and the joy of yoga. Due to the benefits of yoga practice in her own healing, she studied to become certified as an RYT. Her own experience leads her to fully incorporate the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness, attunement, and self-care into the healing process to empower others to restore from the inside out.

Her faith and pure gratitude for her life and its experiences, along with the incredible ways she has discovered kindness and faithfulness in unexpected places along the journey is what gives her hope and continued motivation. She truly desires for everyone to experience hope, joy, and healing.



Rebekah's phone: (479) 202-6300


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Amy Butler, MAMFC, LPC

Amy Butler has been counseling in the Northwest Arkansas community for several years.  Her previous experience has been working in community mental health facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and private practice within the church.  Amy has pursued specialized training and experience in trauma care, sexual abuse recovery, healthy sexuality education, and attachment and bonding in foster/adoption families.  Amy loves helping the Northwest Arkansas community by being a volunteer trainer for The CALL (equipping to-be foster parents for the big job in front of them),she is also a member of the NWA Project Zero team (raising awareness about Arkansas adoptable children through our DHS foster care system), and leader in her church for student, orphan care, and counseling ministries. Amy has been trained in the EFT relationship model, which provides a structured approach to couple’s therapy. There is a substantial amount of research outlining the effectiveness of this approach for couples and individuals and she has witnessed how impactful this model can be in helping marriages grow and become stronger. Megan also incorporates some prayer techniques for her faith based clients that desire that to be apart of their healing journey.

Amy is married to a minister of students and has 4 children.  She loves to read, drink coffee with friends, sit in quiet, and watch movies with her husband in her “free time”.  Amy desires to constantly grow as a person and be equipped to serve the needs of our community.  She finds joy and humility in walking with others in their healing journey.


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Amy's phone: (479) 202-6300


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Vance Crow, MS, LAMFT, LPC, CSAT Candidate

Vance is a graduate of John Brown University with a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Business from College of the Ozarks. He is currently a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (LAMFT) as well as Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). He is in the process of becoming a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT). Vance has completed extensive training in the EFT model which provides a structured approach to couple’s therapy. There is a substantial amount of research outlining the effectiveness of this approach for couples and individuals and Vance has seen firsthand how this model can help transform lives and relationships. Vance also is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist Candidate and has received extensive training in treating addiction, working with couples going through infidelity, and helping couples that have experienced betrayal. The attachment lens that both of these models stem from allows for an integrative approach that takes into consideration the context from which Vance is able to help those who are struggling with either marital difficulties or addictive sexual behavior. 

Vance has worked in the mental health field serving children, families, couples and individuals. Vance has experience in School-Based Mental Health, Therapeutic Day Treatment, Residential Facilities and Private Practice. He has worked with people who struggle in areas ranging from anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, pornography addiction, and affairs. He considers it a privilege to hear people’s stories, walk alongside them, and to see them grow to their full God-given potential. He has a passion to see NWA thrive rather than survive in their marriages and he enjoys playing a role in giving people the guidance and tools to navigate obstacles in their relationships. He comes from a blended family and has a special place in his heart for those struggling in this area, since many of his personal challenges have stemmed from this part of his story.

Vance met his wife in college and they were married in 2009. They currently have four rambunctious children; one little boy and three beautiful girls. They love being outside and enjoying creation in nearly any capacity, whether that’s gardening and yard work, or spending time canoeing the many beautiful rivers in the Ozarks.

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Vance’s phone: (479) 202-6300


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Whitney Mix MS, LAC, LAMFT

Whitney is a Licensed Associate Counselor and a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. Whitney received her Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Studies from Baylor University, and received her Master of Science degree in Community Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy at John Brown University.

Whitney has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families of all types for over 5 years who are dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, eating disorders, anger management, ADHD, ODD, conduct disorder and others. She has studied and been trained in play therapy techniques through her graduate education and has experience utilizing these helpful techniques to work with children and families. Whitney also completed extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which serves at the basis for her work in counseling. EFT is a therapy style based in attachment theory and focuses on bringing healthy connection to families, couples, and individuals. The goal of EFT is to initiate new cycles of interaction that create a secure and lasting bond within relationships. (For more information on Emotionally Focused Therapy visit ICEEF)

As a native of Northwest Arkansas, Whitney loves to spend time outdoors with her husband, James. When she isn't in the office, you can find her reading, gardening, drawing, painting, watching comedies, or spending time with her nieces and nephews. Her husband is a youth minister, and they both love serving people together in the contexts of ministry and practical care.

Whitney has a passion for people, both state side and overseas. Her parents are missionaries, and she pursued becoming a professional therapist after witnessing the wonderful process of restoration through therapy across various cultures and walks of life. Whitney's passion lies in helping people find healing and hope in broken and difficult places in their lives. Whether it is working with an individual who is struggling with various issues, a missionary working through trauma, a child adjusting to a new home, to a family who needs reconnection and support, Whitney is committed to walking alongside people who are hurting. Her care and compassion for others serves as a basis for her ability to help people wherever they are.

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Whitney’s phone: (479) 202-6300


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Megan Taylor, MS, LPC, LAMFT

Megan has lived and worked in Northwest Arkansas for several years and loves the people and community.  Her experience includes time in ministry, various roles in the non-profit sector, the local education system, and private counseling practice.  She is a graduate of John Brown University with a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Services.  Megan holds credentials as both a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (LAMFT) in the state of Arkansas, and also holds an active Professional School Counselor’s license.  

Megan has a desire to see people live life unhindered- to walk alongside them as they journey through life’s places of joy and pain.  She has received specialized training in the areas of trauma recovery, emotion-focused therapy (EFT), sexual abuse prevention and education, attachment (healthy relationship) theory, and working with foster and adoptive families.  Megan has also had the opportunity to become a Designated TBRI Educator and TBRI Practitioner through intensive training with the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, Texas.  TBRI is an evidence-based practice that offers hope and healing to children and families walking through significant trauma, loss, or attachment difficulties. Megan has worked with children, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families with various presenting difficulties including anxiety, depression, grief, trauma recovery, abuse recovery, relationship difficulties, behavioral struggles, and attachment difficulties.  She also enjoys working with groups and training other professionals, educators, and community members on topics such as trauma-informed care, sexual abuse recovery, attachment-sensitive approaches to difficult child behavior, and abuse prevention.  

Megan has been married to her husband, Nic, since 2007 and has 2 sons.  She and her husband both drive Jeeps and love spending time with their children and friends outdoors.  Megan has developed a passion for running in recent years and enjoys getting to know the hearts of others while training together for races.  If she’s not outside, you may find her listening to or playing music, drinking coffee with a friend, or eating ice cream.  Megan is passionate about people and is blessed to have the opportunity to partner with them as they walk in healing.

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Megan’s phone: (479) 202-6300


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Jackie Harmon, Administrative Specialist

Jackie supports our office in helping with various administrative duties.  She manages all accounts receivable functions, clarifies and verifies details of insurance coverage, reviews claims for accuracy and completeness, maintains electronic and hard copy filing system, and facilitates the efficient operation of Waterstone.

Jackie has been married for over 20 years to her husband, Keith, who is the Marriage & Family Pastor at a local church and together they have 2 sons.  She enjoys spending time with her family at the lake, decorating her home, painting, sewing, and writing. 

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Jackie’s phone: (479) 202-6300


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Katherine McDonald

Katherine co-founded Waterstone Counseling Center with her husband Sean and currently serves as the Marketing Director and helps oversee the financial operations of the business. She and Sean have been married since 2005 and have 3 children who keep her extremely busy and are tons of fun! Katherine enjoys traveling, spending time at the lake, jigsaw puzzles and any dessert!



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Katherine’s phone: (479) 202-6300

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